"I was a client of Carol's for almost four years.  During that time I had a hip replacement to address a birth defect and the consequences of many  previous surgeries. Thanks to Carol I was able to not only recover from the pain of surgery much more quickly but also to find flexibility and balance which I had never had before.  I highly recommend Rolfing to anyone seeking relief and a more complete way to heal the whole body, 

not just specific wounds".  

Ted Hick, Environmental  Specialist, Atlanta GA

"The first time I walked into Carols studio I couldn't stand up straight, yet I walked out straight!  It was the first time I walked straight in 2 years.  Since that time I have gone back to her for Rolfing, Structural Integration to align my muscles and spine, finding support for my low back through my legs which relieves my low back pain.  She is Amazing!  I am going to miss her in Atlanta!  Honolulu you are lucky to receive her.  In fact, I am thinking I will plan a trip to Hawaii once a year for a tune up.  She is worth it."

Deborah Thomas, Owner of SillyMonkey

"I am a farmer and butcher, who worked with Carol over a period of 2 years.  We did a 10-session Rolfing sessions which changed my posture and energy levels significantly.  After the initial sessions, I checked in with her periodically for focused work and found immediate relief from physical stress, but not only that; she is great at teaching techniques for self care.  I am much more able to take care of my body by myself after working with Carol."

Lucas Salazar, Farmer and Butcher, San Luis Valley, CO

"I looked forward to my Rolfing sessions as they were relaxing, beneficial, even entertaining.  Before my sessions as a 76 year old senior, I had accepted my shuffling gait, small steps and loss of balance as the inevitability of old age creeping up on me.  After three sessions I was surprised to find myself taking longer strides with a new confidence and better balance. When I previously walked around the block, it was necessary to stop for a rest at every corner and sometimes in the middle of the block and now I can make it all the way around without stopping to rest and much more quickly also.  I suppose there are probably other benefits but being able to walk more energetically with longer strides and better balance helps me keep up with the pace of the group of walkers."  

"Thank you Carol for my treatments."

John Sue, Retired Landscaper, Oahu HI

"In my 25 years of distance running, I've used various forms of body work to keep me going and none has been as beneficial and dynamic as Rolfing.  Carol's work with my body has given me a second chance to feel and function as I did ten years ago."

Gregory Sheats, Sales Associate, Phiddipides Sporting Goods

"Carol was a godsend in my life.  Over the course of several years, she helped me unravel some life-long patterns of tension and imbalance.  She is one of the most skilled and experienced body worker I have known.  Her work with me was much larger than the body, however.Through the Structural work, Craniosacral Therapy and Iyengar Yoga, I developed more inner strength to help me through some difficult times in my life.  I have grown in my ability to be present and accept that while I my not always "get there" the truly interesting part is in the journey." 


Rosa Salazar, Writer and Massage Therapist in Denver, CO

"I first went to Carol with pain in a knee that had suffered previous ski injuries.  After just a few of the 10 Rolfing sessions, I forgot about my knee as my whole body was integrated and transformed.  I continued body work with Carol and attended her Iyengar Yoga classes.  I had never been able to make friends with other styles of Yoga but I thrived on Iyengar Yoga.  Three years later, even with Carol gone and not available for tune ups, I walk differently, I sit differently and I have a new consciousness about my body.  Colorado misses Carol's presence and her light.  Her gift lives on in us because she trained us to do self care and inspired us to stay on the path to integration.  Folks in Atlanta are fortunate to have this highly developed teacher and guide!"

Michelle Salazar, Farmer and Farm Office Manager, Manassa, CO